We are taking this journey to serve, God, Jesus, the Great Teachers, Our Mother Earth and Humanity … in the most humble

of ways. Many more beautiful things are on the way for humanity. Others are joining in the co-op and we plan to/ and

are already beginning to deliver cottage industry products as we develop the store for people who would rather eat

more healthy and…. stay out of the stores. We are looking at this as a long term project and will provide nourishment,

locally and clean as we shift into fall and winter foods. We are simply here to serve in Love and we can build a

sustainable business and share with others, the abundance. Then we can duplicate a sustainable business for City’s of

Light Everywhere. We are the ones, we have been waiting for. Thanks for your own great works. Nice to meet you. In Love,

Bates/Bhakta Founder Bates Reed brings his years of farming and community building experience to this non-profit 501-c.


Chi Farms is a food company that provides custom orders delivered to your front door.


All Natural, Hormone & Anti-Biotic free food supplements guaranteed for your body's optimal requirements.


I can tell you now that there is nothing more fun and inspiring that a community of Healthy Minded people sharing food to shift us all from the hearthache the world is in when we experience media and news During our healthy food events you will be inspired.  Join us as we begin our Healthy Food Pot-Luck Gatherings in the days ahead.  You will meet people who care about our community, each other and living in the happiest and healthies ways.  Stay tuned.


Sharing Food With Community through Community

Do you know anyone that could use some additional food support from our Chi Farms CSA Community? Each Week we deliver CSA Produce Boxes to people who could use a little loving support. It takes “YOU” our community “letting us know” of friends, acquaintances, family that may be in need. If you know anyone who could use this type of stimulus in the form of a Chi Farms CSA Produce Box, please forward a message with their address, name and phone number, on the Chi Farms CSA Facebook Page via messenger. We will deliver what we can each week based on your “Silent” Requests.

We are building Chi Farms CSA – A Non-Profit Organization based on giving and sharing. Those that can afford food as a patron, are supporting those that may be in a time of need.

Thank you for your loving support of our Local & World Community of brothers and sisters. “Chi” means “Energy” ” “Life Giving and Nurturing Pure Love Energy”. Thank you for allowing us to make this service available. Chi is the Dog (God) Spelled backwards that inspires community sharing.

We are preparing NOW, to offer these services in Chi Communities Around the World. Thank you for your loving support.

In Gratitude, Bates Reed, Founder